Thursday, April 22, 2010


Book: Little Bird - Camilla Way

Frank looked down at his pint, struggled for a few moments to keep his face straight and lasted exactly four seconds. Jimmy gazed back at his friend, taking in his shiny eyes, the wide grin, the way he suddenly seemed taller and surer and better looking. 'Oh dear,' said Jimmy, shaking his head sorrowfully. 'Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.'

Note: A fictional story about a young woman who was kidnapped at the age of two and raised by a mute in the forest. The author attempts to explore what it would be like to grow up without language, and then subsequently, to try and learn to speak and think in words in an unfamiliar world.

More intense than I anticipated, but a truly gripping read. The ideas surrounding language and development, as well as the psychology of identity and relationships, was absolutely fascinating in this book. One of those books you put down and still think about, and even discuss with others after the fact.

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